The Beginning

I’m starting my journey into the art of stand up comedy and the wonderful world of the entertainment business.  My ultimate goal as a comic is to fold people in half with laughter and make them cry.

I’ve always been amazed at people that can make me feel that way.  I want to share that feeling with the world.  Tears and bad posture is what I desire.

My passion for performing resulted from difficult times and the need to try something new.  My first experience, at the time, seemed to be pretty terrible.  I performed at an open mic with an audience comprised of the host and one other comic.  I told a joke about a bear that was shot in Jersey.  It got a giggle.  I took it as a defeating experience and hung up the mic.

One year later I had an overwhelming desire to go back.  I received a great deal of support from my friends and now I’m loving everything about standup….  Even the rough patches.  It’s exciting, and fun, and painful, and boring, and enchanting…..  It’s stand up.



Exorcism through laughter